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Paid After School Clubs will start from Week beginning 13/1/2020 except Table Tennis which will begin the week after 🏓

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  • There are no events for the next 10 weeks.
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“Be happy and aim high”

Lambourne School Staff – January 2019 

Head Teacher/Designated safeguarding lead

Ms Sarah Noden

Deputy Head Teacher/Class 6/Deputy safeguarding lead

Mrs Tina Carter

Class 5

Mr Hill

Class 4

Mr David Richbell

Class 3

Mrs Diggons and Miss V Rees

scitt teacher trainee - Mrs Elaine Price

Class 2

Miss Stephanie Barrass

scitt teacher trainee - Mrs Julie Murphy

Class 1

Mrs Sue Boulton 

scitt teacher trainee - Miss Alex Hall

Class R

Miss Daisey Robinson

PPA Teacher

Miss Victoria Rees

SEN Co-Ordinator

Mrs Nina Maskell





Teaching Assistants



Mrs Maxine Rowe and Mrs Christine Hayward


Mrs Sue Blake, Mrs Trudie Stone, Mrs Kelly Lyons, Mrs Donna Martin, Mrs Emma Fitzsimon,

Mrs Debbie Chillmaid, Mrs Della Grant, Mrs Janet O’Shaughnessy,

Mrs Diane Moggridge, Mrs Mel Foreman, Mrs Sue Yarwood, Mrs Julie Stone, Mrs Kellie Little,

Mrs Bernie Connolly

Site Manager

Mr Neil Kent

Office Manager

Mrs Ann-Marie Buckley

Office Secretary

Ms Paula Gordine

 Mrs Diane Moggridge,

Mrs Janet O’Shaughnessy

Catering Manager

Mrs Lisa Duffy

Catering Assistants

Mrs Debbie Allen and Ms Danielle Canfield

Lunchtime Staff

Ms Danielle Canfield, Ms Sharon Meacham, 

Mrs Donna Martin, Mrs Emma Fitzsimon,

Mrs Debbie Chillmaid, Mrs Janet O’Shaughnessy, Mrs Mel Foreman, Mrs Julie Stone, Mrs Kelly Lyons, Kellie Little, Mrs Sue Yarwood and Gemma Baker


Mrs Debbie Allen, Ms Gemma Baker, Ms Danielle Canfield and Ms Sharon Meacham