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  • There are no events for the next 10 weeks.
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“Be happy and aim high”

School Council

What is a school council?

School council is a group of students who are elected to represent the views of all pupils and to improve their school.

Here at Lambourne, each class elects 2 members to represent their thoughts and ideas. These elected members from each class then meet with a teacher to regularly discuss the ideas that they have come up with. Every child in school has an opinion about ways to improve areas of school, from fundraising events to lunchtime menus and even raising awareness and money for good causes. These ideas are extremely important and gives school an insight into the sort of things that the pupils are really interested in.


School Council News: April 2019


In recent meetings with the head Teacher, the school council began to put plans together for a sponsored event called ‘3S - swimming, skipping and scoring’.  Money raised will be used to buy extra playtime equipment that the school council feel is needed.  They asked their classes about improvements to playtimes and they would like some more equipment like hoops and basketballs.

As part of a new playtime initiaative, School Council are helping the Head Teacher with the ‘Space Invaders campaign’.  This is to discourage people invading your space during games and helping children understand that games need to be played safely to avoid accidents.