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E-safety information

Be An Internet Legend

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we are increasingly spending more time at home and look to using the internet for a wide variety of activities. These range from online schooling, chats, meetings, entertainment and shopping, to gaming. All of these are accessible from our phones, tablets and laptops as well as games consoles. As our children get more familiar with all these things, it is more important than ever to be knowledgeable about the risks of having access to online activities. 

At Lambourne we took part in an online assembly, hosted by Parentzone, in partnership with Google. Through fun and personalised clips, tips and advice was shared to both students and teachers on how we can all stay safe digitally, with interactive questions and answers.

Below, we have added some links that we thought you would all find useful and informative.

The 2 Johns came to Lambourne Primary some months ago to talk to pupils, parents and staff about how we can help our children to stay safe online. Their message and information surprised us all and helped us understand the dangers that our children face when they are using some of the most innocent looking apps and online games.

The use of electrical equipment has increased rapidly amongst our pupils and at Lambourne we incorporate lessons on esafety to help the children to be safe online. Each day new apps and games are released that can be accessed through phones, tablets, laptops and desktop pc's. By being aware of the content and capabilities of them, we can all help to educate the children on 'stranger danger'. The link below will direct you to The 2 Johns Facebook page and many other websites which help us understand these apps/games and how we can stay safe online.